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Hi, I am Chris DePizzo, and today I am announcing my candidacy for congress in Ohio’s 13th district.


I was born in Youngstown…my father was a firefighter in Liberty, and my mother was a bank teller downtown.  My parents raised me and my brother on the south side.


Like many families, we had our hard times. But, as is our nature here in Northeast Ohio, my parents worked hard to provide my us with the best opportunities we could have growing up.


Sometimes that meant taking a second job. Sometimes, that meant taking some help from the government.


But it was my parents’ hard work and their values – the values we share as a community – that paid off…and it is these values that have helped guide me throughout my life.

From my parents’ example, I learned that hard work was a necessity if I was to ever going be able to take advantage of opportunities that came my way.  But I also realized that I couldn’t do it alone.  That I needed the help of others.


I worked hard in school, and I had an incredible support system. After graduating from high school, with the help of scholarships, I became the first member of my family to graduate from college, and the only one to go on to law school.  I will never forget the look of pure joy on my parents’ faces, when I stepped off the stage, my law degree in hand.


After meeting my wife Kristen in law school, I was recruited to join prestigious law firms in Cleveland and then New York City.  I viewed these opportunities as something all of us can be proud of, because I am, after all, a product of all of us.

Kristen and I were married earlier this year in Peninsula, Ohio, and when it came time to start a family, we knew there was only one place we wanted to call home, and that’s here in Northeast Ohio.


So we came home.


And like anyone coming home, you realize somethings change, and some things stay the same.


Unfortunately, what has changed hasn’t always been good, and what has stayed the same are the battles our community has been fighting for generations.


People are leaving our community…our population has been decreasing for years now as folks leave the area, and leave the state – to pursue opportunities that don’t exist here.


Our unemployment rate is still higher than both the national and state averages.


And while other regions in the country have seen an uptick in jobs and an improvement in their economies, here the job market and economy remain stagnant.


This has to change, and together, we can change it.


For 15 years, we have sent Tim Ryan to Washington. We sent him there to fight for us. To fight for our jobs, to fight for our families, and to fight for policies that will help us reach our potential as individuals, and as a community…And he has let us down.


I think he may like the big city and the spotlight just a little too much.


He has become part of the system.

He’s had 15 years to meditate on finding solutions and crafting policy that will put our community back on a path to prosperity, and instead he has shown he cares about his political party more than he cares about us. That he cares more about self-promotion than making a difference for us.

Tim Ryan has let us down.

He’s part of Washington now…a career politician – it’s the only job he knows.

Now, he’s spending his time flying around to places like Iowa, New Hampshire and Boston working to elevate his own status in his party…instead of the status of his community.


He says maybe Washington could use someone from Youngstown – someone from Northeast Ohio.


On that we can agree.


But we didn’t send him to Washington to be just be from here, we sent him to Washington to be for here.


And he has let us down.


My goal is not to play party politics or to sell books – my goal is to be the best representative of the 13th district I can be, to bring our values to Congress, and to enact policies that are in our best interests…regardless of what the talking heads in D.C. think.


Together, we can ensure that opportunities to succeed are here for all of us today, and for generations to come.


I want what you want – the best possible future for our families, for our children and for our community.


We can do this together.


…by enacting a tax plan that makes sense and helps elevate the middle class.

…by signing on to trade policies that help create jobs, not hinder the opportunities for growth in our manufacturing and small business sectors…

…by supporting policies that will keep Americans safe – not casting votes that are dictated by party leaders for political gain…

…and by creating an education system that doesn’t waste our taxpayer dollars, but gives our children the ability to take advantage of the greatest socioeconomic equalizer there is – a quality education.

We need someone who is willing to fight for us, someone who will make sure Washington is doing the same … and together, we can achieve this.

I look forward to working with you in the coming months to help shape the future of our community.


Tim Ryan has let us down.


I’m running for Congress to make sure we regain our voice and that the people in power never again take us for granted.


Thank you, Chairman Munroe, Vice-Chairman Winbush and all of you hear at the Mahoning County Republican party for hosting this, for your support, and for your encouragement.


I’m looking forward to speaking with you all over the coming year to discuss the issues that matter most to our community. You will see me in your neighborhoods, and on your neighbor’s doorsteps.


I’m in this to win – to win for our community, for our families, and for our future.


Thank you.


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