Chris DePizzo At Stambaugh Auditorium


Chris DePizzo won’t let us down. Chris understands the importance of opportunity, and the value of integrity and hard work. He was born, raised and married in Northeast Ohio. As he grew up on the southside of Youngstown, he learned these lessons and others from his family, and our community.

The oldest son of Joe DePizzo, a former Liberty firefighter and operations manager, and Kari, an assistant case manager at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Boardman, Chris and his brother learned the of importance of integrity, hard work and opportunity from an early age.

Growing up, the DePizzo family struggled at times, like many families in the community did then and, sadly as many still do today. Chris’s parents worked tirelessly, including taking second jobs to help provide their children with best the opportunities and education. At times, they even accepted a little help from the government. It worked, and instilled in them an understanding of the effort it takes to succeed, and what it means to work to provide opportunity for others


Chris DePizzo began working at 13, and continued through law school. His success at Cardinal Mooney High School allowed him to attend Saint Peter’s University, where he graduated with high honors – the first in his family to graduate from college. Upon receiving his law degree from University of Pennsylvania, and a certificate from Wharton’s School of Business, Chris DePizzo went on to become a well-respected attorney who has practiced law at two of the most prestigious firms in the country.

Chris married his wife, Kristen-Elise, in Northeast Ohio’s Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Like many families – young and old – the DePizzos want to raise their children in a community with limitless potential for growth, and – as he learned from his family – the opportunity to succeed.

Chris DePizzo knows that in order to do that, we need to have a government that works to help, not hinder the potential of our community.

Chris and Kristen DePizzo


Sadly, that is not the case today in Washington, and our current representation in Congress has let us down. We have been left out of the vital conversations taking place in Washington that shape our future.

In order to ensure the families in Northeast Ohio have the same chance to thrive as families do anywhere else in America, Chris is running for Congress to vocally and aggressively promote and pursue policies that protect Northeast Ohio, its families, and its businesses.</p

This includes providing a better tax system for our middle class to allow them to prosper, a regulatory environment that allows small businesses to thrive, grow our workforce and improve the local economy and an education pipeline that will provide the next generation with the abilities to reshape the world.