DePizzo Won’t Forget His Roots

Ohio Flag

Chris DePizzo was born and raised on the southside of Youngstown, and will never forget his roots, or our values.

Instead of pursuing opportunities in New York City, Chris left the system and bright lights behind to bring his new family back home to Northeast Ohio.

Chris wants Northeast Ohio to be the best place to live, work, and raise a family – and he’s running for Congress to make sure Washington is working for us.

Chris DePizzo won’t become part of the Washington, D.C. system.  He will fight to change the system:

  •   Simplify and lower the tax burdens on the middle and working class
  •   Fight for trade policies that help – not hinder – our workers, businesses and industries
  •   Ensure our schools are equipped to provide the best education for the next generation of leaders

When Chris DePizzo is in Congress, he won’t forget us. Chris doesn’t want to just be a leader from Northeast Ohio, he wants to be a leader for Northeast Ohio.

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