It’s High Time We Discuss Ryan’s Failures

Chris DePizzo’s opponent Rep. Tim Ryan recently announced his support for forced marijuana legalization across America. The following is Chris’ response:

Youngstown, OH – Tim Ryan continues to grasp at straws to cover up his horrible record here in Northeast Ohio.  Job Killing Tim Ryan has caused our area to lead America in lost jobs over the last year and this is on top of the 50,000 jobs lost since he was first elected.

As a career politician, the two things Ryan is good at are pocketing our taxpayer dollars and appearing in front of the camera. Under those criteria, this announcement by him is high art.

There are bipartisan efforts in Washington, like the Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (“STATES”) Act – which I support, that would allow marijuana laws to be decided by the individual states.  This STATES Act, along with other efforts, have the potential to actually help Americans and will allow for further research into the possible effects of legalized marijuana, the correct age -if any- to allow sales and an effective way to determine if a motorist is under the influence while driving.

But as he is prone to do, Tim Ryan who has passed the fewest bills of any Ohio Congressman, avoids working with others and instead makes a marijuana announcement, with no serious policy research or support for passage, but instead as a stunt solely for attention.

For too long voters have asked Tim Ryan to deliver on jobs and to deliver for us. We in Ohio’s 13th District deserve better.